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Paving new combinations to create different effects

Date:2016-10-14 Hits:
The same size, neat, before laying ceramic tile standards. However, new tile products in recent years, with the same or similar color and pattern, but according to the users preferences, select a different tile, permutation and combination of art, to create a personalized design. Especially with the increase of small family homes, lots fashion personality of young owners tend to buy several sizes of model specifications, through different permutations and combinations to create different visual effects.

A shop, wall tile at an angle with the vertical tiling using

Shop with 45-degree inclined and vertical laying with use, making walls from the geometric lines rather monotonous enriches and changes and enhance the icing on the cake and the atmosphere of the space.

B, floor tiles from multiple random colors combinations

This is Spain tiles paving the latest trends, it is made of glazed tiles random combination of color tile, its visual effects vary widely, a daydream. This is our traditional "symmetrical reunification" aesthetic challenges, it is suitable for larger halls.

Three, leave seam paving

Now popular antique floor tiles, it focuses on the return of history, glazed handle rugged straight edge is made of corrosion-, for leaving out essential crevice when paving, it combined with the color of cement-filled so that the overall effect of unified, stressing a heavy sense of history.

Four, the combination of a variety of specifications laying

It features select size variety of tiles of different sizes, with some combination of covered Group posted. Because of the tile by combinations of different sizes and combinations, geometric lines makes the ground immediately changed, reflecting changes in the order and lively.

Five vertical, waist line paste

Waist line is always horizontal paving, to break the vertical routes. Horizontal line, vertical line in the line will be more smooth and less material than the horizontal line. On the choice of design patterns, more popular and elegant, this summer looks, but also has cultural or contemporary vertical waist line.