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Canton fair ceramic exports are warm

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As an opportunity to open up foreign markets, the fair continues to attract a lot of ceramic enterprise with its new product come to the exhibition. Most firms report, passenger flow compared to the autumn fair last year has increased significantly. On one hand, due to the gradual recovery of the world economy, on the slight relaxation in foreign anti-dumping against China and export situation this year as most of the ceramic enterprises is good.
On April 15, known as "foreign trade barometer" the 115th session of China import and export fair at pazhou Exhibition Hall opened. This increase in the number of exhibitors compared to the last session of Canton fair, traffic also has increased dramatically. As the world economy gradually recovers and foreign anti-dumping against China to relax slightly favourable factors, such as the release, as most businesses are optimistic about the export situation this year.
Volume picked up sharply
Although China's foreign trade volume in the first quarter of this year the situation is not optimistic, but no passengers have a greater impact on the fair. According to the spokesman, Liu Jianjun, Deputy Director of China Foreign Trade Center, introduced the trade fair, as of April 16, the participation in the fair number of buyers as 73136, the fair participation of foreign buyers is expected to be closer to 200,000, "the 115th session of the overseas buyers attendance over 114th, is expected to close to the level of the 113th. ”
Despite the world economic downturn and the impact of anti-dumping against China ceramic tile, ceramic enterprises "going out" passion does not decrease. 9th brand within the display area of the Museum, Eagle brand, Peng, Baird, and Hongyu, and hongtao, and jiajun, and Ou Shennuo, and Jin Yitao, xinmingzhu, new source, Mona Lisa, Marco Polo, nalai building materials and other famous ceramic enterprises are exhibiting, and many booths full of sentiment, there is no lack of foreign buyers to visit the Advisory.
Guangdong ceramics Ltd introduced export manager Liu Juan, the Canton fair for foreign traffic is rising in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, buyers continued to be the main crowd of attendees. Moreover, benefited from India ceramic anti-dumping cases against China are slightly relaxed, India merchants increase a lot. In addition, because the United States economic recovery in the property market booming, the European economy is beginning to revive from recession this year or will usher in a golden period of real estate in Europe and America, thus in the current session of Canton fair, and can see a lot of blond hair and blue eyes the skin merchants in Europe and America.
Journalists at the show understand that foreign buyers are real estate developers of the procurement staff. From the India real estate developer told reporters, "We hope to be able to bypass their dealers, find Chinese ceramic manufacturers to purchase directly, thereby reducing acquisition costs of building materials. ”
Ceramic enterprises pay attention to product and brand presence
It is worth noting that is, most ceramics reflect exhibitors, overseas visitors increased flow, does not imply exhibitors will get more orders and higher trading volumes. "This is mainly due to the canton of professional buyers are dwindling. "According to the introduction, in recent years, many professional buyers eschewed the passenger flow peak of Canton fair, so potential clients can really negotiate becomes less and less.
However, as a propaganda product, the search for an important platform for international trade, ceramics still attaches great importance to the fair exhibitors, carefully designed booth and join with brand new products to show customers and export.
Porcelain Gold zone, Foshan City, Li Rui, Deputy General Manager, told reporters that gold belt as a professional ceramic enterprises of foreign trade, the Canton fair is an important platform for them to open up foreign markets, but during the show has become increasingly less likely to deal, now attend the Canton fair purposes are more likely to show new products, while maintaining existing customers and develop new customers.
Bode export Department officials also believe that trade daily, for a gradual, rather than attend an exhibition, products sold at one time. Exhibition is the opportunity to reflect the company's business and design ideas, explore overseas markets, in addition to the exhibition through multiple channels to carry out excavations. "But for the time being, the Canton fair is a famous international exhibition domestic, so before finding better channels and enterprises will be actively participating in the home show. ”