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Tile dizzying selecting ceramic tile tips

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Today, decorating the kitchen, bathroom, living room designs, and various styles of wall tiles, dazzling, dizzying. So, getting ready to home owners how to get value for money, good ceramic tile? A lot of learning.

Tile types and specifications

Tiles from use on the main wall tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, the three classes. Distribution according to production thousands of pressed brick, brick extrusion, thousands of brick tiles, porcelain tiles, porous brick and glazed tiles. Tile specifications of various sizes vary greatly. Recommendation according to customer's home design style featured tile designs and specifications. Speaking from the style of wall tiles-cold tones, warm colours, luxury and elegant tone, etc. According to a personal love and style choices. General kitchen area is small, should choose small specifications such as 200mmx300mm, 200mmx200mm wall tiles and corresponding specifications of floor tiles, large kitchen area, you can choose larger sizes of wall tiles.

Differential radiation and texture

Buy ceramic tile how to identify radioactive? Are hard to distinguish with the naked eye in General, businesses must provide customers with relevant national authority test certificate, users can buy without test certificate, the customer can require businesses to local technical supervision Bureau identification.

Porcelain tile percussion sounds very clear and does not absorb water or little water absorption, dense, heavy feel quality, high strength. Ceramic tiles sound a lower sink, low water absorption, light texture, strength.

Buy top grade ceramic tile tips

Overall purchase tile principle is: one, two, three drops, the four standard.

Appearance. Tile color should be uniform, better surface finish and flatness, perimeter rule, pattern integrity, drawn from a box of four or five pieces to see no color, distortion, lack of edge and angle defect.

Listen to the sound. Tap with a hard object, sound more crisp, the higher degree of porcelain, the better the quality. Can the left thumb, index finger and middle finger clips a corner of the tile, easily dropped, with right forefinger and putting tile in the bottom, such as clear, pleasing voice for the top grade, such as sound dull and delay voiced for the rest.

Water drop test. You can drip in the back of the tile, water speed of dispersal of invasive, in General, water absorption and slower, stating that the tiles greater density and vice versa, absorbing water faster, indicating density is sparse, its intrinsic quality and the former is better.

Standard. Ceramic tile edge higher accuracy, better after paving, buy high quality ceramic tile is not only easier, but also save hours of work and accessories. Use tape to measure the size of each piece of tile around there is no difference, high accuracy for the top grade.

Warranty quality problems can find developers. Buy sent air conditioning, the air-conditioner can be presented who maintain the look for this issue, Sun Secretary-General reminded homebuyers, many companies in the household appliances does not provide warranty service invoice is not, so buyers in the purchase be sure to keep an eye on when developers make the appliances that came with copy of invoice and warranty. Most developers are currently available only to owners of copies of invoices, by the developers of the original financing for core accounts. Therefore owners charge a copy of the demands the best cover "and the original" chapter, to avoid later disputes. Electrical fault during the warranty period, owners can with copy of invoice and warranty factory repair. However, developers to guarantee custody also have different practices. All warranty will be "packaged" handed back to the owners, and some will be unified in the property management office, electrical fault finding property management contact the factory warranty. So the owners took over the room, be sure to ask.