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Home improvement buying tiles beware six mistaken ideas

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Home improvements would have to be to buy ceramic tile, how to get value for money, good tiles also has certain knowledge. Identifying tile there are many standards, can be beat, ringing note tiles-ceramic density and high hardness, good quality. When choosing a tile should be to store the selection and follow the professional advice, could save a lot of trouble.

First check tile surface, you can scratch the ceramic tile glaze with a hard object, if the marks, indicating poor quality. Also see tile color clear clear the naked look has no pin holes, pin easy to accumulate dirt, then observe the flatness of tile, side straight, easy to shop, the effect.

You can also test the water absorption of ceramic tile, water absorption less, represent the higher the inherent stability of the ceramic tile, is more suitable for high humidity or moisture content of the space (for example bathrooms, kitchens), does not produce spots and so on. The simplest method is to use a cup of water in the back of the tile, water stain spread rapidly, indicating high rate of water absorption, whereas lower.

Ceramic tiles to buy six mistaken ideas

1, Matt tiles is not easy to clean: matte tile glaze layer on the surface of a special handling, wear-resistant, non-slip, does not absorb dirt, easy to clean.

Tiles 2, the thicker the better: tiles of good and evil does not lie in its thickness, but the texture of it. At present, the international tile product development direction of architecture is light, thin, strong, and durable.

3, brick quality is determined by what? Tile your grades high?

Now everyone is sensitive to tile price comparisons, often consider themselves chose how much of the brick is the grade of the products, this kind of understanding is wrong, tile's grade is determined by the quality of. We often ask a question is "I saw a price is 85/flat bricks, bricks are a quality product? "Can you see in this brick is 30 yuan, you said its grade is very high? Note: fixing prices with quality is brilliant idea! Ceramic tile is not the quality of the more expensive, the better!

4, vitrified tiles do not prevent sliding and cannot be used for kitchen space

Glass of brick of surface of flat degrees and finish are compared good, so many people will think it of anti-sliding performance is poor, this is on glass of brick awareness of a errors, glass of brick of anti-sliding performance is compared good of, more has water, will more feel more astringent feet, due to upper and brick surface are compared flat, brick Shang of water can makes both close of contact, up to is good of check sliding effect. It's like two pieces of glass and water, it is difficult to separate them. If you have concerns, you can think about, and now we are into a lot of public space the tiles are tiles that are used.

Specification 5, bigger is better

Tile specifications on the market now is also growing, floor tile formerly 500*500, now 600*600,800*800,1000*1000, even 1200*1200, wall tiles used to be 200*300, and now 330*600,300*900 and 450*900, brick is the atmosphere, so the choices are now more and more, yet at home, feeling a bit awkward, Main reason is that there is insufficient given the size of their actual space.

Recommendation: buy tiles must take into account the actual size of the specifications. The living room floor tiles also have to take into account the actual size of the viewing area (refers to furniture, such as placing future generations can see the area of the size). In General, ceramic tiles are larger specifications, price is higher.

6, not too many believe that the manufacturers of the award certificates and certificate

Society selection too much, and a little messy, lots of poor certificate authority, so drew attention, tiles should be the most important is the product quality inspection report and radioactivity detection reports. These are the test results have the force of law.

Suggestions: certificate only as a reference for purchase, not as a basis for purchasing!

Problems when purchasing special tiles

In General, manufacturers or merchants launched special cleaning products are the main causes of inventory and throw out your old product, but there are also lent promotional prices, shoddy fake sales. When purchasing these products, so some problems need to pay attention to the following:

1, product quality issues: special products should also have good quality, also must comply with the national provisions relating to product quality, environmental protection and so on. Substandard products businesses still have to bear responsibility for the quality, it also must be marked.

2, beware of business is shoddy, fake specials: regular factory production of ceramic products, boxes have product in the product's brand name, clear address, contact phone number, and so on.

3 replenishment back issues, special offers: bargain sales faster, so during construction on hold, also withdrew with businessmen coordinated replenishment problem, it is best to buy some more, request can return the goods within a certain period, best indicated in the sales contract.